Sunday, August 19, 2018

Edwardian Murder Mysteries Sick of Shadows by Marion Chesney M C Beaton

Sometimes I just need a change in genres.  This one is fine but not for high school libraries.  I love a good murder mystery.  Yep, it's bubble gum for the brain.  I also enjoy the characters in the book.  The audio book is enjoyable as well.  Happy Readings!

The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone

This book is for adults in the business world.  However, I think some of the concepts could apply to teens.  I'm debating whether to order it for my high school library.  We do have business and classes related to business.  The audio book is also good. 

THE IF IN LIFE by Rashad Jennings

I am getting this for my high school library.  It is a perfect book to inspire young people.  The audio book is also very good and read by the author.  I'm not in to football but I am now a fan of Rashad Jennings. 

Gone Hunger by Michael Grant

I already have this series in my high school library.  I read the first one years ago and was always waiting to get to the next books in the series as it is popular.  The public library had the audio version so I listened to it on my cell phone.  I can see why it's popular with teens.  It's fine for any high school library.  Enjoy!

Flame in the Mists Smoke in the Sun by Renee Ahdieh

This has lots of magical and political elements. Think Game of Thrones.  Politics and passion course through this story.  Who will Mariko end up with?  There is some violence but the story is fine to grace any library shelves.  Enjoy.

The Lady Janies My Plain Jane by Hand, Ashton and Meadows

A fun book to read and listen to, the audio book does a great job conveying the story.  These three prominent young adult authors have nailed it.  It's a funny light-hearted approach to a classic novel.  I have been enjoying this series.  I think that it would help for the teen to have read Jane Eyre first and then go for the funny story next.  I plan on adding this to my high school library.

Dreadnought by April Daniels

I really liked this book.  It's not for everyone but it should be in all high school libraries.  I have had transgender students in the past and this is a book I think they would enjoy.  It's about being brave to who you are.  Plus it's just a good story.  Enjoy.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Not If I save You First by Ally Carter

I am a fan of Ally Carter for YA books in the library.  You can count on adventures, strong female characters and danger.  The audio book also very good.  I'm planning on getting this for my high school library.  Enjoy.

Edwardian Murder Mystery: Our Lady of Pain by Marion Chesney

I really enjoy reading Marion Chesney also known as M. C. Beaton.  An Edwardian murder mystery. Enjoy.  Think Heart to Heart  of a different time.

Savvy by Ingrid Law

This is a great book and perfect for middle school and elementary libraries.  It's a good read and I look forward to reading the next book.  It's an enjoyable and sweet book.  Add this to your reading list.  Audio book also very good.

An Ember in the Ashes: A Reaper at the Gates by Sabaa Tahir

It's a fantasy page turner.  Think a teen GOT.  Enjoy.  Will get for my high school library.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals by Michael Pollan

I had taken a group of students and teachers to hear Michael Pollan speak at Fresno's Town Hall.  He is an excellent speaker.  So naturally I wanted to read/listen to his books.  The audio book is read by him.  A good choice.  I always wonder about food and even though this was published in 2006, there still is some important information you will want to read about.  You'll thank me later.  Will get for my high school reference.  Read and learn.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Fourth Closet by Cawthon & Breed-Wrisley

This series should be wrapped on with this book.  The story is based on an actual video game.  Part mystery, part horror and part puppets gone crazy.  Enjoy.

Hotel Ruby by Suzanne Young

I love vintage hotels and a good ghost story.  It's part romance and part haunting.  It's entertaining.  Enjoy.  Fine for any high school library.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Alex & Eliza: Love & War By Melissa de la Cruz

I had read book one last winter and had just seen Hamilton in Chicago this summer.  As I was reading the story, I kept having the sound track of the play in my head.  It's a great story, some author liberties but basically historically true.  The audio book also good.  Enjoy!

Nightbooks by J. A. White

It's a dark tale that's part A Thousand Nights and Hansel and Gretal set in modern times.  How do you out smart a scary witch?  Read and find out.  Audio book also very good.

Amal Unbound by Aisha Saeed

I am buying this for our high school library.  We don't always understand what it is like to live in another country with customs different then are own.  It is important that we learn about our fellow citizens of the world and the problems that they face.  It will make us better people.  The audio book also very good.  Read this book.

The Smoke Thieves: The Smoke Thieves by Sally Green

Oh this is one intense book.  The audio book also good.  FYI a few f-bombs.  I liked this story a lot.  Each character is well developed and there are some pretty bad people in the story.  You want to root for the good guys in this story.  Will get for my high school library.  Enjoy.

Moon Base Alpha: Waste of Space by Stuart Gibbs

This is a great series for middle school students.  Enjoy it's funny and smart and there's even a secret alien in the story.  There's even a danger with a lack of oxygen.  It's a great story.  The audio book is also funny.  Enjoy.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi

This book is a good starting point for young people new to learning about money and investing.  I'm thinking about getting it for my high school library.

Dreamfall: Dreamfall by Amy Plum

This is one intense book.  It's a thriller that goes beyond Nightmare on Elm Street.  I am a fan of Amy Plum,  she can write some great teen stories.  I'm adding this to my library collection.  I am looking forward to the next book.  Also, the audio book is done well.  Enjoy.

When Friendship Followed Me Home by Paul Griffin

Oh this book is so dear.  A  must for any young person's library.  It's about a foster kid who finally get's adopted with a great mom.  A dog also is adopted and that dog means everything to him.  And then he has a new friend who is being treated for cancer.  A great librarian is in this story also.  Then, Ben's mom dies and he moves in with her sister (aunt) and her boyfriend (jerk).

You will need a tissue for this story.  So worth reading.  It stays with you long after you turn the last page.  Audiobook also good.

Red Queen: War Storm By Victoria Aveyard

This is a great series to add to a high school library.  Think Game of Thrones for teens with power plays and romance plus action.  Lots of fighting.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Rime Chronicles Onxy & Ivory by Mindee Arnett

I did like this story.  I am a fanasty fan.  There's a lot of fantasy out there and sometimes they can blend together.  I think this is a good series and good for personal libraries to collect as well as public libraries.

Septimus Heap Fyre by Angie Sage

This is a great series for middle school and high school.  Think Harry Potter yet in an earlier time.  This fantasy novel has the elements to make this a big hit: friendship, distrust, quests, ghosts and family.  Enjoy  it's a good read.

Moon Based Alpha Spaced Out by Stuart Gibbs

This book is perfect for middle school.  It is funny and entertaining.  And you have to love the trouble making family that Dash and his friends.  I love how his younger sister plays an inportant role in the story.  Students will enjoy this series.

The Fragile Ordinary by Samantha Young

I liked this book.  I will get for my high school library.  There's some drugs and gangs in the story.  It's not just a possible romantic story, it's a story about family dysfunction and it's about find who you are.  Enjoy.

The Bookshop of Yesterdays by Amy Meyerson

I enjoyed this book.  It is more for adults, not for teens.  I read alot of YA books so sometimes it's just nice to switch it up and change venues.  I like that this story is about a journey and reconnecting with the past and find healing.

A Land of Permanent Goodbyes by Atia Abawi

This is a must read.  This is the story of a family of refugees.  It is many people's stories. I think that this is a book that the leaders of the world should read.  Before we build walls lets build bridges.  I'm getting this for my high school library.  It's an important read.

Radio Silence by Alice Oseman

I liked this story.  It's a slower tempo but it's about relationships: family, peers and friends.   A sister is missing and an unhealthy parent creates dangerous situations for their child.  It's also about finding your voice and trusting yourself.  There are a lot of layers in this story.  It's a good read.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

FuryBorn by Claire Legrand

I think this will be popular with students.  Just a heads up there is a bit of sex going on but not graphic.  Read it before you decide to put it in your library.  I think it would be fine for personal and public libraries. 

House of Furies Court of Shadow by Madeleine Roux

I like Madeleine Roux work.  This will be added to my shopping list for library books for my high school library.  A Gothic Horror story that will entertain.  Audio book also very good.  Enjoy. 

Skulduggery Pleasant the faceless ones by Derek Landy

It's a crazy little world Derek Landy has created.  Sort of Addams Family meets Scooby Doo.  A mystery is being investigated and a door has to be kept closed to keep out dangerous beings.  Be part of this case to solve the mystery and save the world.

The Illuminae Files Obsidio by Kaufman and Kristoff

This is a intense science fiction story.  Think Space Odyssey meets War Games.  It's not for everyone but if you have someone who wants to go beyond Star Wars and Star Trek this may be the book for them.

Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson

I enjoyed this book and can see my high school students diving into this mystery.  I do like Maureen Johnson's work and will get this for the library.  I'm am looking forward to reading the next book!  Audio book also very good.  Enjoy.

I Stop Somewhere by T E Carter

Oh my goodness.  If you've ever read The Lovely Bones.  This in the same genre.  Intense.  Heads up there is sex and rape.  It's a trajedy that this girl is unable to get help.  I would say for mature audiences.  It's  a good story but a violent one. 

Shanghai Girls by Lisa See

It's a powerful and moving story.  Reflective of the history of the time.  It's about family and being yourself and a clash of the old ways and the new modern ways.  It's a mother's sacrifice for her daughters.  There is violence and pain but there is a special bond that will always make these two women strong because they are sisters. A must for any library.

Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills

I ended up enjoying this high school story.  It's fine for any high school library.  Enjoy.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Cooked by Michael Pollan

I picked this book because I heard Michael Pollan speak at Fresno's Town Hall earlier this year.
He's a great speaker and worth listeing to.  I learned a lot through his book.  Best for adults and those into cooking.  Enjoy.

Insignia Catalyst by S J Kincaid

This intense book will be popular with science fiction fans.  Think Enders Game meets War Games.  I am add this series to my library order.  Enjoy.  You'll thank me later.

Insignia Vortex by S J Kincaid

I have already finished book 3 because of the suspence and drama that is built into this book.  What would happen if one person had too much power?  And no way to stop him?  Science fiction and politics blended together to make a great story.  Think Ender's Game and War Games and you have a hit on your hands.  A must read.  Enjoy.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Caraval Legendary by Stephanie Garber

I love this series and will buy multiple copies of this series.  Adventure, danger, mystery and be prepared to be turned upside down in this story.  Audio book also very good.  Enjoy.

Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson

If you are a fan of Peter Pan and the lost boys, then you'll be interested in this prequel to the story.  Told by Tinker Bell, who is protective of Tiger Lily, the young lovers face challenges and dangers and betrayal.  It's fine for high school libraries.

From Twinkle, With Love by Sandhya Menon

It's a good read.  Fine for high school library.  I like that it brings in the Indian culture.  I'm always looking for diversity in stories for my students.  Enjoy.

The Boxer and the Spy by Robert B. Parker

It's a great murder mystery for high school students.  One of the students is a boxer and has a mentor that teachers him more then just boxing.  On my list of books to buy for my library. 

Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston

Think Star Wars meets Game of Thrones.  It's an intense sci fi story.  Perfect for high school and fans of science fiction.  Enjoy.

The Mortality Doctrine Gunner Skale by James Dashner

This novella give the background info on Gunner Skale.  It's a good short story explaining how Gunner Skale became fused with the net.  Enjoy.

CHERUB Divine Madness by Robert Muchamore

I like this series and have it in my high school library.  I'm catching up on reading the series and am glad I got it.  I have students plow through this series.  It's a good read.  Enjoy.

Bookish Boyfriends A Date with Darcy by Tiffany Schmidt

If you are a fan of Pride and Prejudice then you will enjoy this story.  It's fine for high school libraries.  I think I will pick up for my library.  I liked the magical teacher.  It's a cute story.  Enjoy

Saturday, June 30, 2018

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn by Betty Smith

This is a must read for all.  Even the person who is in the presidential office should read this book.  Or at least listen to the audio book.  It's humanity and understanding what people went through and the universal challenges that are faced.  Watch Francine grow up into a young woman.  It's a good story.